The real estate maven is leaving her Upper East Side co-op behind

[Update: Barbara Corcoran sure knows how to make a deal. The apartment closed for just $30,000 shy of its ask for $4.87 million. The buyers are Jaqueline and Jeffrey Lautin, former West Village townhouse owners once profiled by the Times, the Post notes.

Shark Tank investor Barbara Corcoran sits on top of a veritable real estate empire, and that probably came in handy just a teeny-tiny bit when the Corcoran Group Real Estate namesake sought to unload her Park Avenue pad. (Corcoran sold the biz in 2001, but that’s not stopping her.) After a little over a month on the market, Corcoran’s 2,700-square-foot Upper East Side abode entered contract for $4.9 million in June.

The co-op is charming, padded with family photos and personal artworks, with a cute kitchen more befitting of a Hamptons cottage than an Upper East Side co-op. Corcoran has described her co-op as “comfortable” and not fancy.

Corcoran’s been ceding her hold on the co-op building between 93rd and 94th streets for several years now, after first selling off a first floor one-bedroom in 2012 that she allegedly purchased to store extra copies of her book.