The artworks from the 15 recipients of the 2016 Emerging Artist Fellowship will be on exhibition until 2017

The works of 16 rising artists and 2016 recipients of the EAF16: Emerging Artist Fellowship have taken to Socrates Sculpture Park for an exhibition that will transform the park into an urban outdoor gallery.

The large-scale contemporary works of the various artists will be scattered throughout the park, inviting visitors to make their way through the landscape as they interact with the different projects. Each one is site-specific and addresses some sort of issue, whether it be political, ecological, or social, crafted from a wide range of materials .

And Here is a List of Names by Sable Elyse Smith

In addition to having their works exhibited, the winning artists will receive financial support, an open studio, and “institutional expertise.”

So who are the lucky 2016 winners? Here are all 16 of them:

Liene Bosque, Travis Boyer, Andrew Brehm, Sable Elyse Smith, Lea Cetera, Dachal Choi and Mathew Suen, Onyedika Chuke, Galeria Perdida, Dylan Gauthier, Dmitri Hertz, Madeline Hollander, Olalekan Jeyifous, Lia Lowenthal, Elizabeth Tubergen, and Bryan Zanisnik.

The Emerging Artist Fellowship Exhibition will run from now until March 13, 2017.

 Nate Dorr
AQ625: Site on the Move by Dachal Choi and Matthew Suen
Design Within Reach by Lea Cetera