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tl;dr We’re hosting a Twitter chat on Thursday with Michael Kimmelman and Vishaan Chakrabarti to talk about the design and development of the future Penn Station. Follow along on the hashtag #PennStation2020 starting at 11:30am ET.

It’s a well-known fact that the current Penn Station is one of New York City’s most hated buildings. Its neighbor, Madison Square Garden, fares rather poorly on most people’s lists as well, and we know this since you’ve told us how much you hate it in the past.

It doesn’t have to be that way for much longer (and by much longer think four or five years at least). Just over two weeks ago, Governor Andrew Cuomo formally unveiled plans for a massive revamp of the station, which would convert and incorporate the James A. Farley Post Office building into its design.

Since the redevelopment plans were first announced (through a request for proposals) this past January, there were rumors that Madison Square Garden might be relocated to make way for the revamped Penn Station. Cuomo essentially put those rumors to rest last month when he said he wasn’t interested in moving the arena.

Not everyone is on board with that plan, of course. Shortly after Cuomo formally unveiled plans, Practice for Architecture and Urbanism founder Vishaan Chakrabarti presented an alternate concept that would repurpose Madison Square Garden and incorporate it into the station.

The New York Times’s architecture critic Michael Kimmelman presented and analyzed these plans in the paper of record, and questioned whether Cuomo’s plan was doing enough. Other critics have questioned the same. We still have more questions though. Will developers Related, Vornado, and Skanska heed any of Chakrabarti’s plan? Is there anything redeemable about the current design of Penn Station?

So to that end, we’re hosting a Twitter chat with Kimmelman and Chakrabarti to discuss those burning questions and more, and we want you to be part. Join us for an hour tomorrow at 11:30 a.m. on Twitter—@CurbedNY—to see what the future of Penn Station holds according to two of the greatest minds thinking about it. Participate in the chat and follow along by using #PennStation2020.