The apartments on this list range in size from 446 square feet to 555 square feet

When you think of moving to a tiny home you probably think about saving a few hundred dollars here and there, and maybe even saving the environment by drastically reducing your energy consumption. In New York City, the latter may certainly hold true, but moving to a smaller space doesn’t always equate to lower costs. Take for instance Carmel Place, the city’s first entirely micro-unit building where some studios under 300 square feet rent for close to $3,000 per month. It gets even more depressing when you think about sales however. Who would pay over $1 million for a space under 500 square feet? Many according to the city’s developers who are all asking over that amount for the apartments on this map. The sizes of the units on this list, which was created by PropertyShark, go from 446 to 555 square feet, and prices go from $1.03M to $1.5M. Unsurprisingly, all these apartments are in Manhattan. Is this the new norm in Manhattan? would you fork out this much for a tiny home? are you appalled by these prices? Whatever your feelings, sound off in the comments section below.