If you can barely stand in it, does it even count as a park?

Just like some people don’t think a 90-square-foot studio is a real apartment, a lot of people probably won’t consider a 1/1000-acre sliver of land a park. But the Parks Department oversees dozens of outdoor sites that are about the size of a micro unit. In our week-long search to shout out all things tiny, the Parks Department graciously sent a list of the 20 smallest properties under their control.

All of these places are triangles sandwiched between streets, more than half are in Queens, and most serve as memorials, so they pack a surprising amount of history. They do not, however, provide a very relaxing environment to connect with nature, but you can find 29 of those kind of parks right here.

A spokesperson for the Parks Department says that many of these sites “were created through the reconfiguration of roadways” and they are named through local law or the by the Parks Commissioner.

From http://ny.curbed.com/maps/new-york-city-smallest-parks