Commemorate the 240th anniversary of the battle by visiting these locations

August 27 marks the 240th anniversary of the Battle of Brooklyn—rightfully known as the Battle of Long Island, being that Brooklyn was but a small town on the East River when British troops and Hessians descended on the land. Under the command of General George Washington, the Continental Army was dealt an embarrassing, gruesome defeat—British troops overwhelmed the American soldiers in both size and skill, and eventually Washington and whatever forces were left had to retreat under the cover of darkness (and fog) across the East River. But many reminders of the battle remain in modern-day Brooklyn; some are dedicated monuments, while others are tiny plaques in odd places. Green-Wood Cemetery will host an official commemoration on August 28, but in the meantime, this map will help you retrace where the battle was waged throughout the borough. Did we miss a crucial spot? Let us know in the comments.