Remarkably these listings aren’t that bad to look at either

If you don’t already have over a million dollars stashed away, it seems like a totally futile quest to try to find an apartment in Manhattan, and it’s probably even worse if you’re trying to land yourself a pad in one of the borough’s trendier (aka pricier) neighborhoods. There are some outliers however (shockingly they’re not all that bad either), and PropertyShark seems to have narrowed them down. With the help of theirĀ redesigned home sales section, they narrowed down on the cheapest homes for sale in Manhattan’s ten priciest neighborhoods. This is Manhattan after all, so the list, as you might expect, is predominantly full of studios. PropertyShark focussed on co-ops, and condos on sale, and provided a corresponding median sales price in the neighborhood for the second quarter this year to give a sense of how much these “cheapest” units stray from the pack. In Carnegie Hill for instance, the cheapest home, at $380,000 is six times less than the median sales price of $2.35 million. That’s not the case for Noho however, where the cheapest unit at $1.75M is not that far from the median of $3.5M.